How to Secure Your Law Firm’s Zoom Meetings

In the times we live in, law firms have had to follow the trend of incorporating virtual meetings. Using tools like Zoom has made it easier for law firms to continue their business. They can still conduct meetings, have conferences and events. Zoom helps them to navigate the remote working world. However, as great as Zoom is, it has met challenges with hackers. They enjoy interrupting meetings, some as a joke, and some want to steal confidential information. It is essential for law firms to work on securing and protecting their meetings from hackers. There are several ways they can do this.  

1- Disengage guest sharing

In zoom meetings, whoever is hosting the meeting can disable the option for a guest to screen share. Screen sharing allows a hacker to take control of the meeting. People can still quickly join the meeting, but they will not have access to control the meeting. It allows the host to remain in control.

2- Do not start the meeting without the host

Waiting for the host to join the meeting before starting the meeting is another method of protecting it from hackers. When you set up a meeting, make sure to disable the option where people can join the meeting before the host. This is a way hackers sneak into meetings because the host is not present to identify any unwanted guests.

3- Do not share your meeting ID publicly

If you publicly share your meeting ID online, it is an invitation to anyone who comes across it. This leaves your meetings exposed. The best way is to change your meeting IDs and not use the same one repeatedly. You can also disable the option to “use Personal meeting ID .”No one can drop into your meeting unexpectedly.

4- Use a unique password

When you decide to use your Personal Meeting ID or have a unique password, even if you use an individual ID, only share it with those you invite to the meeting. No one can enter the meeting without the link that has the password embedded. Only share the password with those you want in that meeting. This is one sure way to protect your Zoom meeting.

5- Make use of the virtual waiting room

The virtual waiting room is one of the best ways to screen the people who want to join your meeting. When guests want to join the meeting, they will be told to wait for the host to let them in. The host will be notified on the screen that people are in the waiting room. They can admit them into the meeting or choose to view and see who is in the waiting room. If anyone is not a guest, they can be booted out.

6- Lockdown the meeting

There is an option to lock the meeting to prevent unwanted guests. This option works well when you do not have too many invited participants. When you know everyone you want in the meeting is in, you can lock the meeting. It is a security feature at the bottom of the screen. No one else can join once you lock the meeting and your meeting is secure.

7- Disable screen sharing

For law firms to avoid pranksters, especially during the meeting, it would be best to disable the share screen button. A hacker can turn a meeting into something very uncomfortable if they have the chance to share their screen. Only allow screen sharing when necessary, but otherwise, the host must remain in control of what they are sharing on the screen.

8- Have a two-step joining option

This is another option to screen and protect your meetings. Have a two-step authentication process. When organizing your meeting, create a new Meeting ID and ask for a password to participate. You would then have to give each participant the password. The process takes longer, but it will protect your meeting.

9- Use the disable video option

To protect your participants from disturbing videos, you can disable video. If a meeting participant starts to share something inappropriate, the host can turn the video off.

10- Disable file sharing

Zoom has a feature that allows the host to disable file sharing. This can help to protect your confidential documents from hackers. Since law firms deal with many sensitive materials, this is the best way to protect clients’ documents.

Law firms have to always take security seriously because of all the sensitive material they handle. They also need to protect their clients. This is why ensuring their Zoom meetings are protected is essential. Zoom has come up with a way to ensure this security. By applying these different methods, they can continue using Zoom to communicate and conduct their business.

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